About Us

Hello and welcome to Static Golf.  We officially launched in the summer of 2021 in the suburbs of Kansas City.  Just a small business with big dreams of spreading our love of golf through a new and unique prospective.   We were tired of getting the same old generic tees we have all received from a non-golfer or overpaying for a high-end designer brands.  Our promise is to continually create an affordable style for on or off the course with a fun, laid back, and comfortable vibe.  

We love playing this game and care more about enjoying good times and meeting new friends than what the score card reads.   We want golf to be accessible for everyone and less inclusive.  

We are always looking to gain a few new friends through our shared love of this sport.  Slide in our DM's or shoot us an email (theclubhouse@staticgolf.com) we would love to hear about your experiences, just to BS, or any feedback you have good or bad, don't worry we won't cry.  If you ever happen to be in the KC area and looking for another play, you know who to call....Ghost Busters, just kidding call us. 



Jason, Owner