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Static Golf

Swing Lube 6 pack cooler

Swing Lube 6 pack cooler

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Little rusty in the swing?  This 6 pack can cooler is the perfect addition to keep your swing lube chilled for extra lubrication.

Discover the perfect way to keep your drinks cool and your round going! With the Swing Lube 6 Pack Cooler, you'll have an insulated cooler to hold up to 6 aluminum cans, complete with a handy front pocket for your favorite coozie.  It’s size and shape is designed to fit perfectly in the side pocket of your golf bag, so you'll never be without refreshment on the fairway!  Just don’t tell the course  marshal on us.  Black cooler with swing lube logo on the front, static logo on side opening, and a  side strap for easy transportation.  Swing freely my friend.

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